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Black Student Union of Spring Lake Park High School Pay It Forward Tour

Black Student Union of Spring Lake Park High School Pay It Forward Tour is destined for St. Louis, MO February 15-19, 2018 and will visit different cities along the way!

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Story Time With Akhi: Reflections on a Glacier

Author: Akhi Menawat

During my recent trip to the beautiful island of Iceland, I was mesmerized by the vista and virtually untouched landscape. I have been finding enjoyment in writing creative nonfiction, so here I present to you: reflections on a glacier.

Pristine—an impeccable adjective overused through the evolution of the lexicon. For as I sit upon this mountain, protruded by glacier and the ever forceful power of freezing water, this enormous piece of dried magma and volcanic ash, atop this glacial lake – I can only fathom pristine.

The irreverent nature of the glacier as it savors its fellow knoll, almost as if the sediment has been thoroughly and perfectly lined with bird excrement—can you imagine a process more painstaking? More egregious?

Yet, this virtual perfection in nature slopes, creeps, and slides; this momentous yet perennial phenomenon—even as I take minutes, hours, days to log what my disabled eyes create, it moves closer, micrometers—slowly—it’s coming. One could escape, but why? To escape—to seek freedom—to be engulfed by glory – mesmerized by the proverbial metastasis; I see freedom in the rubble and till.

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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

STLF shaped Ay's college experience and prepared him future leadership skills

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